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Spices7 is a brand name to sell Manayath farm products with the best quality, directly to the end users and retailers. 

Idukki district in Kerala is a high altitude terrain where nature by itself assists cultivation of multiple spices in large quantities so as to reach all around the world. 

Our farm works together with 'elamala' agricultural research laboratory where we follow scientific, sustainable  and  eco-friendly practices of cultivation and thus providing the safest and pure flavours to our customers without engaging any third parties.

Our aim is to provide best quality and un-adulterated products to our customers directly from the farm thus bypassing all intermediate processes and third parties. We don't provide powdered spices as we are transparent to prove that there are no artificial taste additives or preservatives.

Visit us

Its a matter of trust between our customers and us which brings us success. Thus we remain transparent to project our methods and practices of agriculture to you. Additionally an advantage to our customers those wish to visit our farm is that, Kumily is a capital of tourism in our district.  Please contact us through the 'contact us' form to plan a visit to our facility. We can guide you for effective planning during your trip. Please find the location details shared below. We welcome all our customers to visit our farm in Kumily.


Elamala biotech lab is a facility for development of sustainable and eco-friendly cultivation methods for our farm. We produce necessary microbial inoculants which can be categorised into bio-fertilisers and bio-control agents. 

Biofertilizers like AzospirillumAzotobacter, P-solubilizing bacteria, K-Solubilizing bacteria, Bacillus subtilis, V A M (Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhiza), etc are produced in large quantities for enriching our soil. 

Bio-control agents are used as either for pest control or disease control. Examples of some of the biocontrol agents we use are, Trichoderma viride, Pseudomonas Fluorescens, Beauveria bassiana, Paeceilomyces lilacinus, Verticillium lecanii, Metarhizium anisopliae, etc.

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